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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's Have A Dream

David and I are sitting in the Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. This may come as a surprise, but I really don’t like to travel. I am a homebody. When I have the inkling to go somewhere I pretty much know it is from the Lord, unless it’s to the white sands of the Caribbean. For several years now I have wanted to go to the Middle East. I don’t know why. 

I love traveling to lands that have ancient history. Somehow the scriptures come alive and the world makes a little more sense. I was listening to a sermon the other day and the pastor challenged his people to “Give God more real estate to occupy. Give Him things to breathe on.” He said this in the context of making a list of our dreams, both spiritual and natural. For a believer there is a fine balance between dying and living. When we submit ourselves to God and die to self, true living begins. Dying to self doesn’t mean we can’t dream. Many of us have thought dreaming was sinful, selfish and un-spiritual. But, I believe God loves when we dream. When we delight ourselves in the Lord He will give us the desires of our heart. Regardless of what is happening in my life, when I look to the Lord and take delight in Him, He will put desires in my heart that He has every intention of fulfilling. It's a win-win situation.

Acknowledging our dreams to the Father is like giving Him new real estate to occupy and breathe on. Lord, I have a dream of the Roanoke Valley being transformed and on fire for you. Lord, I have a dream of writing a book. Lord, I have a dream of a community living outrageously in Kingdom principles. Lord, I have a dream to heal the sick and raise the dead. Lord, I have a dream of owning my own business. Lord, I have a dream of ___________ (you fill in the blank).

David had a dream of building a house where God could dwell and the Temple was built. Paul had a dream of taking the gospel to Rome and we have the book of Romans. Jacob had a dream of marrying Rachel and Joseph was born. God had a dream of a family who looked like Him and Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him.

Let’s not be afraid to dream. Begin writing your dreams out and ask God to breathe on them. When you begin sensing the wind behind your back, start moving and see what He does. God wants His people to reflect Him on the earth not solely in kindness, love and patience. I believe reflecting Him also includes fulfilling the dreams HE has put in our hearts.

Scripture says, "Without a vision my people perish." Let’s be a people who dream.

Thank you for praying for us while gone. We will be praying for you.

Written by Joy Fuller, 20 January 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Will You Say?

There's a scene in The Book Thief that inspires me to write. For those of you who don't know the story, it's of a German girl named Liesel in foster care during WWII. She is given to a mature, barren couple to be raised properly. The man is a WWI veteran and enjoys life to the fullest, while his wife is a serious, disciplined, but kind hearted woman. One night a Jew on the run named Max shows up at their door. The family hides Max in the basement for years. Eventually Liesel begins stealing books from the Nazi mayor to read to Max. It's a great story that I would recommend to everyone. But back to the point... 

One day, Leisel visits Max in the basement. It has been days, weeks, months, since he has seen the sky, smelled fresh air, felt the sun on his face. So Max asks for a weather report. Leisel delivers a rather generic and bland description. To which, Max responds, “No make the words yours. If you're eyes could speak, what would they say?” Leisel takes a moment and paints a brilliant picture with words. When she is done, Max leans back, closes his eyes and says, “Thank you. I saw that.”

I was reading my Bible the other day and I realized something. The truth of those black and white pages is God painting a picture for us. We all live in a basement. When we really take the Word in, contemplate upon it, we see the world like the divine eyes that spoke it into being. There was a time that we heard those words and fell in love with the one who was speaking them, through whoever or whatever we heard and saw them.

So what happens when we speak the words? Do they flow from our mouths or our fingers, in whatever medium we choose to express, in the way that we received them? Or is the delivery bland and generic?

Unfortunately, bland and generic doesn't sustain a human hiding in a basement.

Here's a challenge. Find a way to express the glory of God in a way that captures the heart and soul of another human being. During a New Year's service that I attended someone spoke that God was raising up writers in the body. I think that it's not just writers. I think it's singers, songwriters, poets, painters, film makers, journalists, lunch ladies, trash men, and ragamuffins. Wherever we are in life, however God speaks to us, let's find a way to share it. Let's break out of the basement and live. Let's break out all the Maxes in our life. The fact is we all see the glory of God in a way that is revealed especially to us and is meant for us to show a special someone else.

Your eyes can speak. What will they say? Something bland and generic or something brilliant?
Written by Ben Machia, 12 January 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I remember going to see Back to the Future II in 1989. The plot centered around characters who were transported via a time machine to the year 2015. Back in 1989 the year 2015 seemed as impossible as time travel. And here we stand at the dawn of the new year twenty-fifteen. In a world where change happens at the speed of lighting and time unstoppable, it can be daunting to think about goals and New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes I simply feel victorious to have survived another hectic day. 

When ATC first began we worked with a church in Wilmington, NC. One thing they did at the beginning of each year was choose One Word that best described what it was they wanted God to do in their lives that year. 

This year our church was issued the same challenge. We were asked to pick One Word that represents what we most want God to do in our life in 2015; pray about it and seek out scriptures that characterizes the One Word. We will be sharing our One Word with the body on the first Sunday in February.

I knew what I wanted God to do in me this year; however, I could not find a word to summarize it. While talking to God about this, a word popped into my head. It was a word I don’t use in my vocabulary and actually, I would never have thought it. The word perfectly described what I wanted. Choosing a single word allows for focus, intentionality and gives a platform for prayer as well as discussion among our communities. 

We want to issue you the same challenge. Choose One Word that describes what you want God to do in your life this year.  There is not a formula for discovering your One Word. Simply pray and ask God. Ask Him to give you scriptures that embody that One Word or the concept of that One Word. These scriptures, or scripture, can serve as a thematic passage for you all year. As people have shared their One Word with me, I am realizing that the One Word we choose is most likely the very thing He wants to also do in us. 

A year from now 2015 will be history.  That means you and I get to MAKE history. 
Let’s not wait for another year to pass us by finding ourselves at the end of 2015 with regrets of  “I wish I had….”  

Philippians 3 reminds us to forget what lies behind us and press forward to what lies ahead! Beloved, you were laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Make 2015 the year that you will press onward in order to lay hold of that for which you were apprehended.

Written by
Joy Fuller