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Thursday, August 30, 2012


The word I am hearing today is “infiltration.”  I believe it to be a word from the Lord.  Certainly a word for me and perhaps a word for the body.

Something we see throughout scripture is that what we see happening in the physical realm is a reflection of what is going on in the spiritual realm.  For example, the story and events of the Old Testament are physical pictures of a coming spiritual reality.  Knowing this helps us properly understand it and apply it.  Jesus later tells us to pay attention to the seasons and even to the signs of the times.  This is true obviously with respect to our eschatology but can also be applied to our walk with Him and the body on a daily basis.  In our day-to-day walk it is essential to know what’s going on around us and what He is doing in it so that we can put into context what He is speaking to us.  According to the dictionary the definition of infiltrate is the following:
  • to filter into or through; permeate
  • to move into (an organization, country, territory, or the like) surreptitiously and gradually, especially with hostile intent
  • to pass a small number of (soldiers, spies, or the like) into a territory or organization clandestinely and with hostile or subversive intent
Infiltration is the accumulation of something in a host where the substance of the accumulation is not normal, or does not belong to the host.  To understand that, and keeping in mind that the physical is a reflection of the spiritual, allow me to share a couple of thoughts that help us get the picture.

I have thought over the last few years, “these are crazy days.”  True, but the picture goes beyond that.  There have been lots of crazy days in the worlds history.  What makes these days different from other crazy days is that we live in a time when the enemy seeks to infiltrate us on many fronts, primarily I believe, in our thoughts and minds.  Daniel 7 tells us of a time when the enemy will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One.  But we know from Revelation 12 that we overcome him because of the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and we do not love our lives even when faced with death. 

My sense lately has been that the enemy is trying his best to infiltrate the lives of those we love.  Perhaps through addiction, unconfessed sin, shame over past committed sins or sins done to us, unforgiveness, believing the lies of the enemy, despair, a stronghold of fear, or perhaps just plain worldliness.  Maybe some of you recognize where infiltration has occurred.  Maybe some of you can’t identify where but at least recognize that it has.  Can I encourage you that the identification of what has or is attempting to infuse itself, along with the recognition that it does not belong, is immediate grounds for it’s disbursement.  In every day language, in the authority that Jesus has given you tell it to leave!

Beyond that and perhaps even more critical, foster times of intimacy with the Father.  Intimacy with Him allows a continual infilling of His spirit, even to the point of saturation.  In these days this is our protection and will allow not only survival but victory.  In the study of hydrology infiltration is the process by which ground water enters the soil.  The infiltration rate is the measure of how quickly the soil can absorb this water.  When the soil becomes totally saturated the infiltration rate drops to zero.  Herein lies the key.  When the body is totally saturated with the Holy Spirit then the infiltration rate of a foreign substance is zero.  In hydrology, at the point of saturation, the ground water becomes what is known as run off.  In our context I think of a different term.  When a believer is fully saturated and as he gathers with other believers who are fully saturated, there is run off of the spirit and the enemy simply can not stay!

So beloved, renew your minds with the truth of God’s word.  Praise Him for what He accomplished at the cross on your behalf.  Speak out loud the testimonies of Jesus in your own life.  Don’t shrink back and love your life at the expense of losing it.  Give your life away.  Do something for someone else.  Love boldly.  Change the way you think.  Get outside of yourself and you will find that the infiltration of that thing begins to leave.

Praying for you!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Many Thoughts...

Upon returning from DR Congo it is to be expected and quite normal for people to ask “How was your trip?”  Or “How was Congo?”  I find myself in dilemma because I never really know how to answer that question.  The team was awesome.  Ministry was great.  However, Congo is chaotic, dusty, dirty, sad, hungry and desperate.  Rather than give a commentary on our trip I will just let you inside of my head.  Here are some thoughts and questions that invaded and traveled across my mind while I was there and upon my return home.

Who are the powers to be?  How did a country fall from blessing to such depravity?  What led to its destruction?  Could America ever fall to such depravity?  Are we naive and asleep?  Why is there no presence of the international community in Congo, a country devastated by multiple wars?  Why is the International community selective about where they get involved and where they abstain?  Is it because they too have their hand in the pot and are looking out for their own personal gain?  These questions are too big for me but they haunt me. America is far from perfect, and in fact our foreign policies have brought devastation to untold numbers which we will never hear about in our news. At the same time, one is blessed to be born into a country that is not war torn, where food is accessible,  and where personal freedom is valued. I repented for the times I have spoken ill of our country.  My trip did however cause me to want to be more informed about the things that are going on in our country.  Freedom is not something to treat carelessly.  I was acutely aware that deception starts somewhere and always ends in destruction.  What would I do if this were me, trapped in a life of poverty with no way out?  I realized that this could be me.  And it made me question why it’s not.  I wondered why I didn’t give more.  It made me angry that life for some is dark, desperate, tiresome and weary.  Not by their choice but at the hands of evil. I pondered daily the verse, “to whom much is given much is required.”  I know that I am one of the ones to whom much has been given and much is required.  I wondered what Jesus thought and felt as He walked through the towns and villages.  I longed to have His compassion and love. Being there made me know that I will not give up praying for healings and miracles. Whether I see them or not.  Irregardless of what people think.  And in spite of the skeptics.  Why do we need a spelled-out-doctrine on healing anyway?  Is it their faith, my faith, God’s will, timing, sovereignty?  This all sounds lofty when you stare hungry children and rape victims in the face.  I certainly don’t have all the answers but I kept wondering why isn’t it enough that Jesus said go do it?  I know I don’t want to spend the rest of my life just talking about Jesus.  I want to demonstrate Him.  Screaming loudly in my ears is ‘Jesus is the answer”.  But also screaming in my head is “just as God sent Jesus into the world, He so sends us” which means I am also part of the answer.  Oddly enough, being there made me love Jesus more.  It re-confirmed to me that everyone needs to go.