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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Beatles and The Resurrection

I have never been a huge Beatles fan. I'm not really sure why. It may be their music. It always seemed a bit cheesy to me. I never really understood "Beatle mania" when there was Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd around. And even if you wanted to go softer there was always The Eagles or James Taylor. You see what I am saying, it's hard to go pop when classics are available.

It may not have been the music that actually squelched "Beatle mania" for me. It may have something to do with their self promotion. John Lennon once made the statement that he and his group were more popular than Jesus. I am a pretty laid back guy but every time I hear a Beatles song I think of that statement and wonder if lightning will soon strike. I suppose not wanting to be around if it does causes me to switch to Lynyrd Skynyrd pretty quickly.

I heard a recent news report that was supposed to create excitement, but for me it did not. The hot news was that the children of the famed Beatles are putting together a band in order to tour. I see where this might generate some excitement but not at my house.

I realized that this is about the extent of what the world has to offer. In this instance, namely, children who can do no better than ride the coat tails of their fathers. A bit sad really. They may make some money and may even, I hope, have a good time but it falls woefully short does it not.

Jesus once said that “we would do greater things than He did.” Upon reading and seeing all that Jesus did, how is this even possible? It is possible because of the resurrection. Jesus was raised from the dead and Ephesians tells us that the same power that brought Jesus up out of the grave is working in us! Unlike the Beatle children, Jesus did not intend for us to merely ride on His coat tails. He had something greater in mind. His ceiling was to be our floor. He fought the good fight and contended for the greater thing, enduring the cross and scorning the shame for the joy set before Him. We were that joy! His joy! He was contending for a family composed of sons and daughters of the King who would know their identity in Him and would live out their lives in resurrection power.

In the past year or so I have seen many situations where what the world has to offer falls woefully short. In Iran a deeply oppressed people who search for answers in a spiritual vacuum need solutions based in resurrection power rather than the political posturing of the world. In South India where persecution is both expected and experienced on nearly a daily basis, the world not only lacks solutions but even interest. The world’s unwritten ethic, I fear, is that if it doesn't touch me then I have no responsibility with respect to it. It's resurrection power that allows the bride to look beyond herself and recognize that when one part of the body suffers then the whole body suffers. In our quest for the miraculous let's not forget that the absence of self centeredness may be the greatest, most miraculous evidence of resurrection power.

Resurrection Power is promised to us. It is by it's nature superior to all other sources of power we see. The nature of it suggests that something that was dead is brought to life. It is suggestive of new creation. This is far superior than the world’s attempts at mere reformation, which is in fact, simply behavioral modification masked. Reformation may influence the future in a limited way but says nothing of the past. It contains no redemption.

I think that one of the enemy’s most effective strategies against the bride is to deceive her at precisely this point. This deception fools us into acting as if all we have available to us is behavioral modification techniques that are barely and only partially effective at best. My notion is that revelation of all that we have is just what then Great Physician has ordered. It is my contention that this revelation accompanied by the courage to walk it out brings with it huge implications at all levels of our lives.

Who knows it may even impact how we talk to our spouses and our children. The implications of it could even extend into the workplace or school. Who knows, it could even influence our relationship with our Father to the extent that transformation occurs.

My prayer for you and for me in the midst of Holy Week is that we could go beyond "Beatle like" existence and catch the revelation of the power of the resurrection that's ours.