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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ripe for the Picking

It has been said that appearances can be deceiving. I have decided that is more true now than ever before. It is possible that it’s not and that I am just getting more confused in my old age.

Jesus talked about a time like this, a time when we were to make certain that no one lead us astray. He said “false prophets will arise and lead many astray.” We later find that even “satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” Its a bit daunting to realize the level of deception that bombards us on a constant basis.

Some of it is spoken into our spirit by the enemy. Deception can come even well meaning friends and family members. These days it seems that many are anxious for us to be one with them in whatever agenda they deem important. I have come to see, (no new revelation here), that our own press has agendas and are not at all disturbed by presentations that are deceptive in order to win us to their particular agenda. What about our own government? I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

Anyway, I was thinking on some of this on a recent trip into a critical Middle Eastern country. Not having been on the mainland of this country before I was sure that I was about to encounter some things that would confront the notions that I had of this place and more particularly these people.

Instead, I found a country run by fanatical Islamists but seemingly void of this extremism in other sectors of the population. My impression was that even the fanatics who are in charge are much more concerned about power than the will of Allah. I saw a lot of almost empty mosques on Fridays. This seemed in concert with many who in hushed voices told me they were Muslim in name only. In fact, if I were to label the religious spirit of the place I would call it humanism. There is a great deal of post modern influence there that give the cities a dead secular feel.

Flying into this country can engender a rise of fear in your gut. This is not without good reason. Certainly there are many who have met their demise there. The government appears to be subtle but brutal when needed. At least that was my impression. And, by the way, I did see a couple of “I hate Israel” bumper stickers around.

Beyond this however, may I suggest that contrary to what the media presents, the general population is very pro western. People were very receiving of us and quite hospitable, particularly when they learned we were Americans. Maybe I missed something but I never got the impression that it would be like this from Fox News or CNN.

Can we move to a spiritual observation? Perhaps, contrary to impression, this is a people and a country hungry for truth and anxious to explore the claims of Jesus. In the populations hatred of the government, many have rejected the governments stated Islamic world view as well. It has left a spiritual vacuum. They are searching, several, even fearfully, were anxious to receive a bible in their own language. One reported she had prayed for two years for a bible. The increasingly young population is hungry for all things western, including Jesus!

I think what I am trying to say is that from a Kingdom perspective it is a country that is ours for the taking. It’s low hanging fruit provides for easy picking; I suppose we just have to decide whether we want it or not.

David Fuller