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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Other Side of the Cross

I had a moment of panic last night. I realized I was in big trouble when it dawned on me that my husband is out of town and will not be here Easter morning. (Sad face!) I gasped at the thought, “There is no one to cook Easter lunch!” (Bigger sad face!) “And who in the world is going to hide the Easter baskets?" (Yes, we do Easter baskets; yes, we hide the Easter baskets and yes, and we have a 15, 18, and a 21 year old married daughter, all of whom have asked me if they were going to get a basket this year.) I am scrambling to get it all together before Sunday!

My husband welcomes any occasion for fun, adventure, and excitement. So, whatever the holiday, he knows how to work the magic, creating fun for everyone. I don’t have to think so hard which allows me to sit back and enjoy the festivities. He will be sorely missed this Easter. I am not as good at this kind of thing as him. However, I will venture to do my best at making sure fun is had by all.

I know full well that Easter is not about the Easter bunny, getting baskets, or hiding eggs. I have actually been thinking about Easter for the past 8 or 9 months believer it or not. I read a book last summer entitled “When Heavens Invades Earth” and since then God has been reworking some of my thinking regarding the Cross and the Resurrection. I have come to realize that many Christians are stuck on this side of the Cross. Let me explain.

Mankind had a debt. This debt was called sin. The debt had to be paid and sin had to be settled. So God sent His son Jesus to pay off that debt by death on a cross. When one realizes he has a sin problem that he can’t settle on his own, and turns to Jesus for the settling of that debt, he has embraced the cross. This is a wonderful thing. However, many believers stay right there never realizing the life that is available to them on the other side of the cross. Never fully realizing that they have become a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). Never realizing that their old nature is buried with Christ and they are now raised up and given new life (Romans 6:4). Never realizing they are seated in Heavenly Places with Christ (Ephesians 2:6). Never realizing they now possess the same power that resurrected Jesus from the tomb (Ephesians 1:19).

Am I saying the cross is not important? NEVER! It is essential. However, I fear that Satan has kept the church from her full potential by concealing the whole truth from her. As long as he can keep the focus on our sin, our flesh, and our old nature, he keeps us in the grave, or at best, on this side of the cross begging Jesus to do something for us that He has already done. He would love nothing more than to keep us from understanding the all powerful, jaw dropping, knee knocking, life breathing, mouth watering, resurrected life that is available to us because Jesus came up out of that tomb! We must now live on the other side of the Cross. This is the Resurrected Life.

It has been said that one of the greatest tragedies among the church is that we spend more time focusing on the sins we have committed, or commit, than we do on the life we are now called to live as co-heirs and friends of the most High God.

Do me a favor and ponder the other side of the Cross. It is:

Exciting Abundant Satisfying Transforming Everlasting Rejuvenating